"You are not forgotten, you are appreciated, you are not alone."

-Official Cannabis Can Slogan

HB 1191 Denver, CO

  Long past are the picturesque days portrayed by Rockwell and the communal society baby boomers can remember of the 50’s time period.  It would seem more likely in the world of today for an elderly lady to obtain a ticket rather than help to cross the... read more

February Updates

  The search for our first RV continues!  I just received a call this evening and am very excited to have an appointment scheduled to see an RV tomorrow, in addition to the two we have already looked into purchasing. Fundraising has slowed down quite a bit since... read more

Welcome to the beautifully kind world of Denver where this Christmas Eve Cannabis Can is freely giving away pre-rolled marijuana joints to anybody and everybody we meet on the streets in order raise awareness on homelessness!

Cannamas 2015

Thank you everyone for such a magically wonderful Cannamas!  We want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Please join us on social media and share in our enthusiasm to provide regular access to restrooms, showers and haircuts for the homeless!

Here at Cannabis Can, we are addressing the issue of homelessness in America with a completely new approach. We’ll be out and about sharing big warm hugs and a gentle reminders that we are all human with rights and responsibilities to our community regardless of circumstance and without judgement. We believe in working together towards a solution that will allow our society to be more inclusive and cohesive as a whole.

We endeavor to offer a wide range of support services for people experiencing homelessness. Currently, we are engaged in interviews with various cross members of the homeless population to help assess immediate assistant needs and mediate a solution to their needs.

While we are working on many fronts to help the homeless, from interviews we’ve conducted thus far we have found a strong uniform desire for regular access to restrooms, showers, and haircuts.  While there are several organizations already helping in this way, it is simply not enough to meet demand.  Hence, we have recently created our “Restrooms and Grooms” fundraiser.  We believe we can renovate and create mobile units to offer these services here in Denver and eventually expand into other cities across the US with this program.  Each of our mobile units will offer free wifi,  restrooms, showers, and a salon for haircuts.  Our program and endeavor is similar to what Lava Mae has done for San Francisco.

We endeavor to create online drives accessible to the homeless for personal document retrieval and backups. Many people experiencing homelessness currently do not have backup copies of their identification nor employment history and we strive to immediately correct this. Additionally we are working to create accessible public restrooms so that anyone can use the facilities, no purchase necessary!  Finally, we hope to be able to support a local drug rehabilitation program.  With love and compassion we strive to help co-create a better system administratively, to offer regular access to food, shelter, housing, employment opportunities, education, as well as emphasizing their rights to common personal freedoms.

If you or someone you know would like to lend your support, please show that you care by signing up for our volunteer roster. Additionally, if you are so able, we appreciate any and all donations however minute they may be.  Every Penny Counts!  Please click the paypal link below and donate today!  Currently over 90% of each dollar goes directly to the aid of a homeless individual.  If for nothing else, make someone’s day this Christmas Eve by passing on the love.

Disclaimer:  Receipt of these matches and gifts is an acknowledgement of the law and an agreement to uphold any and all laws applicable.  These bestowed gifts are not meant or intended for any bodily harm nor injury.  These gifts are not to be used to incur property damage nor personal harm of any kind.  You do however have complete free use and permission to use these gifts for the purposes of smoking marijuana legally!  Please Enjoy!

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