This coming Tuesday, November 8th, We will be joining 4 winds American Indian Council in a peaceful rally starting at 5pm in Civic Center Park here in Denver.  Women should dress in Red.  Please like and follow their page on Facebook.  If you are in Denver I encourage you to come out and join us!  Grab your friends and anyone you can.  We need to show the world that Denver stands behind Standing Rock.  Ceremonies expect to conclude around 8pm though it wouldn’t surprise me if things get a little wild and a sit in is organized afterwards.  I may bring the RV down and plan for a long night ahead.

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Many many years ago when I was 12 I became involved with “Webelows”, a precursor to boy scouts.  Here my friends father adopted us into his Mohawk tribe as our local chief and guide to the wilderness.  Many rituals were performed out in the woods of my youth and under the guise of the “Boy Scouts” I was told that we all now had a little bit of Indian in us and were adopted into the tribe by ritual if not by blood.  Invigorating it was to once again hear the chanting and drum beats pounded on this evening in support of our brothers standing in Standing Rock, Cannonball, ND.

I would like to give everyone a serious update direct from the scene up north.  It may be a long read as I would like to give a proper account detailing the recent events up to this point and the current call to action.

First off, There are not enough people up there!!!  It’s not almost over!!!  DAPL is less than 500 yards from the River and nearly at the drilling spot to go under the lake! Recent Drone Footage can be seen at:

For anyone considering going to Standing Rock:

It is already very cold up there and I mean really really cold!  You need serious insulated tent and camping gear.  Winds are strong and weather is extremely cold.  A simple tent will not make it through the night.  Your sleeping bag should be rated for below zero weather.  If you decide to go anywhere near the front lines it is a very real possibility you will be arrested.  Morton County is not discriminating.  It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, a lawyer, or a journalist.. expect the possibilities of the worst outcome.  They are bringing in National Guardsman and Police from out of state in order to avoid sympathy and relationships local to the situation.  They are using violence and extreme measures against peaceful protesters.  A note on their weaponry beyond pepper spray and mace.  Please understand “Rubber Bullets” is a misnomer.  We are talking seriously rock hard rubber shot gun shell bullets shot from AR-15 assault rifles at close range.  A head shot could easily be lethal.  Bean Bag guns is another misnomer, these are not the type of bean bags you recall playing with as kids. Again, lethal.  The police are using Sonic weapons emitting seriously high pitched sound and frequencies.  Prolonged exposure could make one’s ears bleed.  They have a microwave gun used to warm up body temperatures to the near point of stroke.  This is not a friendly scene anywhere near the front lines.  You could be arrested even peacefully sitting down minding your own business.

Local Jails are full and it is true that they built containments’ similar to dog kennels. They are hooding prisoners during transportation and shipping them off as far as Bismark already.  Anyone arrested is subject to a complete strip search, regardless of age or gender.  A condition to meet bail is that you have to show a local county address and you are not allowed to use the Indian reservation as an address, it must be a house within the county.  There have been over 450 arrests thus far.  Average bail is $2,000 and the real work begins after your release when you begin preparing for trial.  There is a great need for paralegal work and legal secretaries.  If you work in the legal field please come forward and offer your services if you are available.  The police consider everyone arrestable!  The common misdemeanor violations are Obstruction and Failure to Obey.  The court system and Police are now working together to create false Felony charges on your behalf.  These are “Creating a fire with intent to harm” and “Participating in a Riot”.  Again, these are FELONY Charges you may be charged with even if you are minding your own business or just taking pictures and documenting the incident.  Please understand that cops are working double shifts, extremely tired, and easily may opt to pull the trigger first and ask questions later.

Please realize our tax dollars are being used to defend this PRIVATE CORPORATION.  This is an unusual first time event for North Dakota, a state that hardly ever makes the news except perhaps when Fargo came out.  There are mixed feelings throughout the state but understand Morton County is making a ton of money on these arrests and bail bonds.  The more people they can incarcerate, the more money they can make.  Recently I saw a post on facebook stating a rich millionaire posted 2.5 Million to cover everyone’s bail.  This is a complete HOAX and possibly fabricated by DAPL in order to reduce financial aid to those that need it.  If you want to help give to the bail fund, contact Red Warrior Camp or Sacred Stone Camp directly!

Last week a decision to expand the north camp with Tee Pee’s and to block the pipeline from crossing HWY 1806 was made.  This was to try and impede progress to the lake directly in the path of the pipeline.  Last Thursday Police forces along with the national guard and Minnesota Police forcibly entered the camp to break it up.  There were over 150 arrests and many more injuries.  The United States Department of Defense, who directly control the Army Core of Engineers, gave direct permission to the task forces at hand to enter Indian Encampments to break them up.  Permission was granted to local police to attack and arrest our water protectors.  This is unprecedented and begins to point to potentially very scary things in the near future.  If militants are given permission to enter and break up the main encampment, we may expect an all out war pursued.

You may have learned that one of the ladies from our local community here in Denver has recently made national news in an appalling way.  RED FAWN is innocent!  Currently she is being held on a $100k cash bond on “attempted murder of two police officers” and “illegal possession of a handgun”.  Please understand that this is a 5′ women weighing around a 100 lbs.  The officers in question are 300 lb men in full body armor who after profiling the lady rushed in to tackle her to the ground.  Both were on top of her and had a gun to her back.  How she possibly could pull a gun from the ground in that position and not be shot on site, when an unarmed black man with his arms raised is shot dead on site, is beyond me and one for the JFK mystery bullet detectives.  Red Fawn has a bail reduction hearing on Friday and there will be a 11am Press Conference for her here in Denver at the Church located at 5th and bannock on Monday Morning.

The UN repertoires are showing up this week.  The delay in their arrival has been due to the necessity of receiving a letter from the state allowing them permission to enter the U.S.

In regards to the Drone video link shared above I would like to note that the operator was arrested and initially Morton County tried to stick him with a 100k cash bail as well. Fortunately the judge lowered it to 10k cash.  Primarily because Red Fawn’s bail was set just a few moments before and operating a flying drone compared to an attempted murder charge don’t deserve the same bail, do they?  Crazy.  I would like to add that the operator had a license to operate a drone in the state of North Dakota.  He was charged with “criminal endangerment of police”.  I would like to add that this came about also because the area is a “NO FLY ZONE”.  That being said, rest assured that DAPL has helicopters and planes flying 24/7 and now is using drones armed with non-lethal weapons as mentioned above.

I would also like to mention that recently a DAPL employee was driving his truck through the crowds endangering all protesters in the area and running a few people over.  In addition to this attempted manslaughter when his vehicle went off the road he pulled out an AR-15 with live ammo and pointed it at our water protectors.  He has not been charged with anything and in fact was applauded as a hero on local media.  Bear County claims he was brought in for questioning and turned over to the FBI.  This is false and did not happen as he is scott free.  The video can be found online of his horrific actions and this event.

In the past week the Police have Blockaded a bridge over the lake between the destroyed camp and the main camp.  This blocks the way to towns up north including Bismark.  This greatly limits the tribes ability to procure supplies, foods, and medicines.  The vehicles blockading the road mysteriously caught on fire in the middle of the night… Imagine that!  The consequence to this mystery is that the state says the structural integrity of the bridge is now in question.  This past Saturday local officials appealed to the tribe to stay away from the Bridge so that the vehicles could be safely removed and structural integrity determined.  As of yet no vehicle has been moved, no tests have been preformed on the bridge.  It is our belief this is a ruse in order to keep the tribe from accessing much needed supplies along with hospital access.

Saturday Evening there was a devastating fire consuming nearly 100 acres of land.  I’d like to comment on this for a second.  At around 1am a vehicle drove on to DAPL land and shut off its lights.  The two individuals in the vehicle were able to open an access gate and move further into DAPL territory. Moments later the vehicle was screeching away and knew all the correct paths and roads to turn on to evade local security chasing him.  Shortly thereafter the blaze was seen and the high winds caused it to grow very quickly.  Protesters were told the firetrucks were on the way.  They never showed up.  At 7am, after the fire died down on its own, two Army helicopters made a spectacle of grabbing water out of the lake and pouring it on the remaining embers to become national hero’s.  The DAPL benefited from the fire as now all of the brush providing cover around the pipeline has been cleared nearly eliminating any chance of local surveillance.

I also would like to note that there are plenty of children and schools on the reservation.  That being said, the police are now charging individuals with Child Endangerment Charges if you travel there with your children.  Funny since the only danger to children is directly coming from the police.  I would also like to note that G.W. Bush signed an executive order into law in 2008 that the United States Military can engage U.S. Civilians on U.S. Soil.  Things are really beginning to heat up and the outcome could be down right scary.

What you can do you ask?  Get in touch with your local Indian Tribes in your community and participate in your own cities rallies. Please show your support and Stand for Standing Rock!

Here in Denver we are having a rally at Civic Center Park on Tuesday, November 8th at 5pm.  This may turn into an escalated event and its possible we may do a sit in afterwards when the event ends at 8pm.  I may bring the RV.  We will be marching.  We will be Praying.  We will be Dancing.  We will be Chanting.  I’m bringing some sage… it could be a long night.  Please tell all of your friends and come out and join us!

Standing Rock has put out the request for 10,000 people to show up by the 10th.  While local forces can arrest and stop the 1,000 protectors currently there… the state and local forces cannot move forward if we amass 10k in numbers.  If you are able to go, I applaud you and encourage you to join them in Cannonball, ND.

Finally, a call has been put out for cities and states around the U.S. to rally and visit local Army Core of Engineer offices on the 15th of November.  This is going to be a national show of solidarity.  Locally we have a visitors center in Littleton we will be hitting up.  We may March on the Byron Rodgers Federal Building.  I also just learned DAPL officials will be coincidentally meeting at the Denver University Campus for a presentation.  This day could be very very interesting.

Bottom line, like the facebook page linked above to the Four Winds Indian Tribe.  If Sh@$# hits the fan, there will be an immediate post and call to action.  I’m prepared to stop whatever I am doing and follow the call to action.  This may happen in the next week or two.  Be prepared, just saying.

That concludes my assessment of current events at Standing Rock.  Our tax dollars are funding corporate greed.  50 years from now we may not have access to clean water in the United States.  This past week Obama gave the go ahead for two new pipelines while many have recently burst and not made media attention.  It is clear that Obama wants to ride out his term and not get involved.  None of the proposed elect have mentioned the pipeline.  The mood above seems to be “let’s not get involved and let things play out”.   This is heading towards a disastrous culmination of events.  Please STAND UP NOW before it is too late.



Nick DiCenzo

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P.S. If you can believe it… I forgot to mention something.  The Pipeline was originally drafted to cross above Bismark.  The city through a tantrum.  It was decided that the pipeline should cross through Indian Territory.  I mean, who cares about those people… right?  I also forgot to mention the police are using facial recognition technology to target leaders and activists… this is how Red Fawn was picked out of the crowed to be made an example of.  Finally, I would like to make note that as of today, 11.3.16, the permit has not been issued for under the lake drilling.  That being said, it appears DAPL will move forward regardless… and this is why we need to be there in force to document the illegal ongoings of DAPL.  When the president asked for an injunction a few weeks back, the U.S. Government simply asked DAPL to consider changing the route. The consequence?  DAPL began working faster towards their goal.  They are NOT going to STOP until they drill under that lake unless we the people stand up for what is right!