I just wanted to make a quick announcement since our website has not been updated since the Spring.  Apologies and please bare with us while we crawl out from under a rock in regards to our website.2016-10-12-13-55-51 2016-10-23-13-20-10 14494890_1098816673547871_4214146060395534535_n 14484614_1095317530564452_450200083673739475_n 14100523_1065601133536092_3959124525192997803_n guests 14666187_1107284022701136_2161300870825558647_n 2016-10-13-23-25-55

Most importantly, we purchased our RV as promised.  We now have had our first successful fundraiser and have the money to paint our RV.  We purchased our RV back in April 2016 though it wasn’t until the end of August when we were able to finally get it road worthy and pass state inspections.  Since then, we have been out fulfilling our mission on a regular basis.  We offer much needed services that for whatever reason the City of Denver has failed to provide.  We offer public restrooms, public showers, rest and respite, warm tea and coffee as well as home cooked meals.  Most importantly, we offer hope, acceptance, and encouragement.  We even currently house two formerly homeless individuals.  There is no end to what we continue to do for our community.  We are even actively involved in a class action lawsuit filed against the city on behalf of the homeless!  Your support, comments, criticism, and donations are very important to us.  Thank you for all of your love and support!

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