About Cannabis Can

"You are not forgotten, you are appreciated, you are not alone."

-Official Cannabis Can Slogan


Cannabis Can is a non-profit organization formed to help raise awareness on social issues plighting society through advocacy of marijuana in cities and regions where marijuana is legal. We believe in bringing marijuana advocates together to help make a positive change in society on a local level by bringing attention to an issue and working with other charities to bring about a change and solution to that issue.

Our current endeavor involves aiding the local Denver community with the issue of homelessness by working directly and indirectly with the local government and other non-profits trying to find a solution. Our goal is to house, feed, and nourish “houseless” individuals into a living situation and lifestyle better appreciated by society as a whole. We are currently working to give away marijuana this Christmas eve, as well as other gifts and necessities, to any and all individuals we happen to come across in the Denver metro area.  We hope to collect public opinion data on the issue as well as work towards a resolution to the issue of homelessness here in America.

Cannabis Can mobilizes people and resources utilizing the advocacy of marijuana as legal under current legislation in various localities. In this fashion, we are able to take advantage of public reaction to spotlight different social issues.

As such, cannacan.org is organizing a drive for free pot donation to the homeless this christmas eve. We strive to aid in the current issues revolving around people in ‘houseless’ situations and intend to aid local communities in dealing with this issue. The company is willing to work directly with other non-profits, local government, and community organizations to achieve this end. Our goal is to house, feed, and find a long term solution to the issue of homelessness.


Our Fiscal Policy

We are a small handful of individuals and volunteers collaborating to make the world a better place, one marijuana leaf at a time.  We started this venture with little to nothing in the way of finances.  Each of us currently volunteer our time freely to cover all the responsibilities of the non-profit.  All of the marijuana that we use and give away is grown legally and locally by a small number of growing horticulturists.  If you grow and would like to learn how to participate with us, please contact us via our volunteer form.

All monies received via paypal donations and our crowdfunding platforms go directly towards our “Restrooms & Grooms” project.  We are currently involved in purchasing and renovating RV’s for use as a public shower, restroom, wifi, and haircutting studio to serve the homeless community.  The $500 raised thus far is 100% accounted for and going directly towards our first RV purchase.

We plan to continue fundraising and explore various grant writing opportunities to fund the necessary renovations, maintenance, and daily costs of offering showers to the homeless communities.  Our eventual goal is to have the financial freedom to expand Denver’s Restrooms and Grooms project around the U.S. to meet the demand of homeless communities in other major cities.

Our Mission Statement

Mobilizing people and resources by altering public perceptions through marijuana advocacy to create a more inclusive and cohesive society

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